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  • Chris Short founded Alpaca Ranch Recording in 2007 in Winter Park, Fla., after noticing a need for a professional, quality studio in the Central Florida area. He began his recording career at the age of 15 outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has over 120 records under his belt. Short wanted Alpaca Ranch Recording to retain analog's charm while employing modern tools and practices to create a unique sound and experience unlike any other studio.

    In 2014, Short partnered with Tom Fiala to expand Alpaca Ranch Recording and moved the facilities to a beautiful lake front property in Altamonte Springs. Since then, Alpaca Ranch Recording's output has increased and even garnered Short a Grammy nomination  for "Best Engineered Album". Word is, if you're nice enough, clients may even get a glimpse of Gatas, Alpaca Ranch Recording's Associate Producer.

  • Chris Short

    Recording, Editing and Mixing

    Certified Audio Engineer

    Hailing from Milwaukee, Chris Short began his recording career in his teenage bedroom as a way to recall jam sessions with his friends on one microphone and a small tape recorder. In 2004, Short moved to Florida for school and began working in several studios around town. Frustrated with how these studios treated their clients and terrible sound quality, Short founded Alpaca Ranch Recording as an alternative to Central Florida’s recording scene. 

    Today, Short plans on earning more Grammy nominations, success for his clients, producing more full length albums, and purchasing more vintage equipment. Typically you can find him behind the board drinking a bottle of Glenlivet 15 year and playing the role of band psychiatrist, drinking buddy, and janitor, although he prefers his interns keep the studio clean.  In his little free time, Short plays guitar, writes and arranges songs, and enjoys cooking for himself and Gatas, his cat.