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    Alpaca Ranch Recording is a full service recording studio and extensive experience with every genre of music. From recording individual instruments to full records from inception to production, Alpaca Ranch Recording will be there every step of the way.

    A small sampling of genres recorded at Alpaca Ranch Recording:

    Afro Beat
    Big Band
    Spoken Word
    Voice Overs
    ...and more

    Alpaca Ranch Recording's large, naturally lit tracking room features 22 foot celings, a full acoustic treatment, and a custom acoustic cloud, making it the best sounding room in Central Florida for all types of instruments. Each musician has complete control of their own headphone mix via a custom 16 channel headphone mixer system.

    Guitarists have access to the Shangri-La of tube amps, including Marshall, Vox, Peavey, Hughes & Kettner, Fender, Valvetrain, and Soldano, along with a near-unlimited selection of pedals.

    Keyboards are another specialty of Alpaca Ranch Recording, featuring a classic sounding analog Prophet 6 and Moog Sub37 adjacent to a modern digital Yamaha CP4 piano and Korg m3 workstation, both containing access to an extensive library of software synthesizers and sample libraries.

    The killer sounding DW drum kit with choice of classic snares lives in the tracking room and is available for any project if preferred.

    The vocal ISO booth has an astounding lake view and contains some of the best vocal mics available, including a Telefunken AR51, Shure SM7B, Pearlman TM1, Rode Classic, Mojave MA200, and many more.

    Editing & Overdubs
    Although its preferred to record everything at Alpaca Ranch Recording for the richest and most consistent sound, outside projects are welcome. Pro Tools and Cubase are available, please contact us Studiochris@alpacaranchrecording.com if you have any questions.

    The heart and soul of Alpaca Ranch Recording lies in Studio A as a customized SONY/MCI MXP3036 analog recording console. With a sound unlike any other, and one that cannot be replicated, Alpaca Ranch Recording can deliver the sound and feel to make any record stand out.

    Live Sound & Mobile Recording
    Alpaca Ranch Recording offers mobile recording services for any sort of event, from string quartets to full rock bands, including school music and dramatic performances. Please contact Studiochris@alpacaranchrecording.com for details.